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Top 10 Online Pot Seed Strains

When you start to shop for marijuana seeds, you will find there is an abundance of them. Some have been around for a very long time. Others are fairly new as they are hybrids a cross between two strains. It can be hard to know what to buy with so many options. Take a look at the top 10 types of marijuana seeds for a place to start.

Northern Lights marijuana seeds are quite popular. They are mainly Indica and they were introduced in the early 1970s. These seeds are affordable and they are easy for beginners to grow successfully.

Special Queen was introduced in 1990s and it is still quite popular today. These marijuana seeds are going to produce cannabis which is very skunky. There are quite a few variations out there but this one offers a high yield and plants that seem to grow well in a variety of conditions. They don't require too much ongoing attention.

Royal Dwarf is usually saved for those who have some basic experience with growing their own cannabis. It can require more attention than other products but it is worth it. It is a cross between Easy Bud and Skunk. The cost of these marijuana seeds is higher than many other options but you do get what you paid for.

White Widow is one of the legendary strains of cannabis. However, it is also one that is considered to be controversial. It is quite potent so you don't need much of it to achieve a good high. You will find marijuana seeds offered of this strain but they are harder to come by due to the legal concerns about it.

Amnesia Haze is a hybrid form of cannabis. It is an old fashioned type of product and one that people enjoy because it is simplistic but also offers a very melancholy buzz from it. Special Kush is an Indica variety is similar to skunk. Royal AK Automatic is a lesser known type of marijuana seed you can buy. It does have a very strong following but not as widely talked about as some of the others out there. It is a hybrid of AK47 and Afghani. It is a sativa strain and it continues to win quite a few awards.

Royal Creamatic is one of the newest options but one that is getting rave reviews. It offers a flavor that is very appealing. It is a cross between Royal Queen and Cream Caramel. It offers a very mellow high.

Quick One is a fast growing marijuana seed. It is also one of the early auto-flowering options created. Many people stick with this particular strain of cannabis as soon as they try it. They don't see any reason to look for anything else to grow.

O.G. Kush was originally created in California. Today, these marijuana seeds are found all over the world. They provide an aroma that is very strong. What sets this strain apart from others is there aren't any others that come even close to it. That may change with future hybrids.

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