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Marijuana Seeds Are Buying For Sale Like Crazy

The amount of time you can store seeds when you buy marijuana seeds for sale depends on the strain and also how you package them. It is important to gather information about your specific strain before you get started. This will help you to identify that time frame and also the recommended method for buying them.

Most of them will last at least a year as long as they are dry when you store them. Give them a few days to air dry before you pack them to be sure. You want them to have moisture inside but you don't want it on the outside. If there is, it can allow mold, mildew, or bacteria to grow and then the seeds will have to be thrown away.

Once you know they are dry, buy them in an air tight container. This can be a glass jar or a plastic container. You can also use plastic bags as long as you remove all of the air from them. Make sure the containers are clean and there isn't any moisture or any residue in there that can cause a problem. These are common issues that destroy the value of stored seeds.

Next, you need to find a location where you can put there and they won't get disturbed to buy. If they are rolling around or fall off a shelf, it can crack and damage them. Make sure you label the date and the type for each container. Then find a cool, dry, dark location for them. They shouldn't be in an area of high humidity and they shouldn't be in direct sunlight.

Only store what you feel you are going to use, plus a few extras. You want a couple of additional ones in the even some don't germinate. There is no reason to keep tons of seeds though as the next group of seeds you create will also offer seeds.

Make sure you harvest and package when you buy marijuana seeds for sale correctly. If you try to cut corners or you don't follow the steps correctly you can ruin them. Then then time you invested in the process will be a waste. Your seeds won't grow and you won't have the cannabis you thought you were going to get out of the process.

If you have questions, take the time to find out the right methods. There are videos online and there are books to walk you step by step through the process of harvesting and successfully storing your marijuana seeds. Proper storage can help you to keep your marijuana seeds viable for about a year after you harvest them.

While some do well after that amount of time, it is best not to take a chance. You don't want to seed them and then have duds for your seeds for sale. You want to make sure you do all you can to encourage your plants to grow. Carefully inspect each see before you plant it after it has been stored. If anything looks unusual with it, toss it out.

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